AM-3 Plus Tracking System

Trackable System

AM-3 Plus System

The AM-3 Plus access controller is designed for commercial projects that require occupants to be tracked when entering and leaving the facility.  The AM-3 Plus system can track all the information that you need to keep your facility secure, it will track any persons coming in and out of your facility and give you the time and date that they did. The AM-3 Plus system uses a wide variety of accessories as well, the system can be used with a variety of remotes, keypads, and card readers.

The AM-3 system comes with its own dedicated access control PC software. This software controls everything from programming all devices to tracking all personnel. Phoenix Fence provides onsite training after installation of the AM-3 Plus System.

General Specifications

  • 12-24 VAC or VDC; 16 VAC transformer included
  • Operating temperatures from -30 to 65 degrees Celsius
  • Built in 24 hour clock/calendar with back-up battery and daylight savings adjustments
  • Two 7-segment LED displays for system configuration, status and troubleshooting
  • Up to 20,000 entry codes for card holders
  • Up to 20,000 individually enrolled transmitters

**For more information please contact Phoenix Fence’s Automatic Gate Department**