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Dog Runs & Kennels

Phoenix Fence manufactures and distributes Chain Link Dog Runs and Kennels in various styles, heights and specifications.

Image11.jpgStandard Phoenix Dog Runs and Kennels are based on modular, welded fence panel construction, that are portable, free standing and re-usable. Panels are simply clamped together to provide a stable self supporting animal enclosure. Site assembly is fast and easy with the ability to reconfigure the enclosure. Panels are available in various widths and heights. Panels can include a lockable access gate.

Both or our Edmonton and Calgary operations offer full service production manufacturing of Dog Runs and Kennels. We produce numerous stock and special order sizes. They are manufactured from an all welded galvanized steel construction with components (frame, mesh, hardware) available in five standard finishes; Galvanized, Black, White, Brown or Green. Individual panel sizes range from 4' wide x 4' high to 10' wide x 6' high. The combination of these individual panels offers a limitless range of Dog Run and Kennel sizes.

Contact your Phoenix Fence sales representative for further information.

Pre Packaged Dog Kennel Kit:

Phoenix Fence manufactures and distributes a Pre Packaged Dog Kennel Kit which is an economical alternate to the welded panel construction of the traditional Dog Runs and Kennels.

This is an all-inclusive knock down package that has two assembly options: either a 10' Wide x 10' Long x 6' High or 15' Wide x 5' Long x 6' High Dog Kennel. The kit includes a pre-manufactured gate, galvanized tube frame components, chain link mesh, fittings and easy to follow assembly instructions. The kit is packaged in a heavy, two-piece, carton with product identification labels stamped on all sides. Package Specs: 76" X 21" X 9", 157 lbs. Contact your Phoenix Fence sales representative for further information.